The “Bettercast”

Welcome to the archives of the Bert Betterman podcast, better known as the “Bettercast!” If you’d rather hear words than read them, this is a good place to start. Check out any of the episodes below:


Deep (Positive) Thoughts with Diana Steven

As the theme song to the classic TV sitcom Step By Step always told us, “We’ll make it better, the second time around.” Not that the first time was bad (I thought it went off without a hitch, especially for a couple of newbies), but better can always be bested here on the Bert Betterman Bettercast! Unfortunately… Read More »

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Wake Up! Featuring Mr. (Scott) Palmer

Learning is fundamental…but it’s boring. Just like food, what’s good for you tastes terrible, so you have to choose between pleasure and health. Learning is like plain tofu on unflavored rice cakes, raw vegetables without the dip, gluten-free waffles sans syrup, a dry protein shake (yeah, no water), or licking sandpaper until your taste buds… Read More »

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Full Circle with Kim Waltman

The adjective “interesting” can get tossed around to the point of becoming much like that big red exclamation point on an email. At times I too feel guilty about that, but I don’t feel guilty about using the word “interesting” to describe today’s topic and guest on the third edition of the Bettercast (that’s Betterman-speak… Read More »

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Beyond Physical Therapy with Jon Schultz

Are you ready for the second edition of the Bert Betterman Bettercast?! I know I am! The first one went so well that I thought I’d try it again. I had the great honor of interviewing physical therapist Jon Schultz about his approach to physical therapy (and many other things). In my opinion, he goes… Read More »

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An Interview with Holistic Health Coach Diana Steven

Times are exciting here at Bert Betterman as I’m proud to present to you a new endeavor, the first Bert Betterman Podcast! The Bettercast? Well, it’s a project anyway, but I’m finding my way one step at a time. If it goes well and there is a lot of positive feedback, it’s something I will… Read More »

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