Hey there, readers!

I am Brett Bloemendaal, the real person behind the scenes of this Bert Betterman character. I started this site as an outlet to share the wisdom I’ve gained over the years from my deep interest and passion for health, wellness, and personal growth. I believe that when someone learns ways to make life better, it’s imperative that their share it with the world around them, and that’s what this is all about.

I believe that the most important thing we can search for in life is truth. Now that we as humans have this gift of consciousness, we can use it to try to figure out how the universe works. The closer we get to figuring that out, the better and easier life gets. There is a lot of “stuff” out there, but finding the needles of true wisdom in the information haystack is a challenging task, and that’s what I live to do. I love to understand how and why things work, even if the answers make for weird or inconvenient answers.

I also dislike the way some sources muddy the waters on how the universe works through the use of fancy acronyms, jargon, and other smoke and mirror attempts to make things more complicated than they have to be. I do my best to make sense out of it in the simplest way possible…but no simpler. Some things are, in fact, inherently complex!

With that in mind, I basically write two different types of posts to appease both sides of my brain:

1) How to Be Healthy: These posts are usually more serious, a little more science-like, and are written from my analytical brain doing his best to help people live good lives and keep them informed of health risks of our modern world that are working against us whether we know it or not.

2) Humorous Side Projects: There is an Elon Musk quote related to his purpose of starting SpaceX and goal of colonizing Mars. It basically amounts to the idea that we have to have something exciting in life to work towards to get us out of bed in the morning, that life can’t just be an endless series of problem solving. That’s what these posts are about, and they are written from my creative, social brain in the midst of self-expression.

So thanks, and enjoy reading!

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