Full Circle with Kim Waltman

By | February 28, 2017

The adjective “interesting” can get tossed around to the point of becoming much like that big red exclamation point on an email. At times I too feel guilty about that, but I don’t feel guilty about using the word “interesting” to describe today’s topic and guest on the third edition of the Bettercast (that’s Betterman-speak for “podcast”).

In this edition I’m speaking with Kim Waltman of Full Circle Creative + Coaching. She has a background in communications and public relations and more recently has found a way to tweak the old family ranching business into a most unique and effective coaching practice. Speaking from experience, as I was fortunate enough to spend a day on the ranch, Kim has a process that teases out profound life experiences in a way that perhaps nothing else can replicate.

Kim Waltman Photo

Also, as luck would have it, Kim is running a demonstration of this work in the spring of 2017 for those interested in getting a firsthand introduction into the world of equine-guided coaching and experiential learning. And yes, those are fancy terms for discovering really cool things about yourself by hanging out with horses (riding not required). Of course, the experience is guided and pulled together by Kim’s expertise as a facilitator. If you’d like to learn more about this, or attend the spring demonstration, you can contact Kim by email: kim@seekfullcircle.com.

During the podcast we started with the following background material:

  • 0:00 – Introducing Kim and Full Circle Creative + Coaching
  • 5:00 – Kim’s background in communications and public relations and how she came “full circle”

The “meat” of the content then starts to get into:

  • 19:21 – The “twist” in Kim’s coaching method…horses…equine-guided coaching
  • 24:25 – How horses can help us be present and aware
  • 26:30 – Managing our own emotions and building trust
  • 27:00 – My own experience with Kim, her horses, and equine-guided learning
  • 29:30 – Why I’ve been deathly afraid of horses since age three
  • 30:57 – Why the horse? Why not a dog? A cat? A dung beetle?
  • 33:56 – The theme of “presence” with nature
  • 35:40 – Another client’s horse experience
  • 38:30 – How we can apply emotional intelligence lessons from horses to our daily lives & careers
  • 40:58 – Working with horses a version of “active meditation”
  • 44:05 – Helping to illuminate or reflect what’s inside of our being
  • 45:20 – Stories of working with corporate executives and managers
  • 52:00 – How horses can show us things about ourselves that humans can’t tell us
  • 53:57 – Kim’s upcoming demonstration (this spring) of equine-guided learning
  • 1:00:20 – How to get ahold of Kim and learn more (email: kim@seekfullcircle.com)

Click “play,” and enjoy!

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