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By | June 29, 2016

It happened! Y’all, I am so thrilled at this moment! It’s awesome when a plan comes together, and today, stars aligned, chips fell where I told them to (not just where they may), and Humpty Dumpty put himself back together again!

Humpty Dumpty Life Timeline

Remember when I wrote Random Better Thoughts 1, and I said I was going to name it that way, with the “1,” to leave room in case someday I was in the right head space to write “2” and that way you wouldn’t be all “Where’s #1?” when you read #2? Well here we are! Pay up, Lily! Or Marshall, whichever one of you bet against me! My day job paid off with all that investment analysis system design/implementation and critical thinking.

I’m getting ready to leave town for a fishing trip in Pierre, South Dakota, and since I’ll be gone for a while and unable to post over the weekend, I wanted to get a little something out today. I didn’t have a research topic ready, so I was panicking pretty hardcore, but then I remembered that I have an out…random thoughts! It’s like a blog post wildcard. A get-out-of-jail-free card? A lazy way out? Yes, but hopefully still entertaining and thought-provoking.

So yeah, fishing in Pierre, the Lake Oahe reservoir on the mighty Missouri River. It’s one of my handful of favorite places on earth (along with the walkway up to Castillo San Felipe del Morro in Puerto Rico amongst others). It could just be the nostalgia of fishing the “big water” with my dad, the bluffs, the sun…the fish! Whatever it is, it ranks right up there. It’s hard to describe to you how big the fish really are – if only there were a standard unit of measure for length or weight – but hopefully this helps:

River Monsters Jeremy Wade Tiger Fish

Also, courtesy of our friendly neighborhood star (the sun), I’ll be getting plenty of vitamin D, a dopamine boost, and some free energy from all the ultraviolet and infrared light, not to mention some good intermittent fasting while out on the water all day. But I’ll still be drinking water, of course. My cells will be fully hydrated, the EZ’s in my cell water fully loaded (thanks, Mr. Pollack!).

The trip also includes quality time with three of the best dudes I know, my dad and my brothers, so it just keeps getting better. Likewise, we’ll get the chance to celebrate Independence Day at the same time the Britons are celebrating their second post Brexit. Actually, Britain is probably a ways off from celebration as they have a lot to figure out after that referendum.

We can also ponder the possibilities of our own country returning to greatness, possibly at the helm of a wonderful potential leader, Donald Drumpf.


I know The Donald has been talking about “Making America Great Again” through imperialistic tactics, isolationism, racism, and wall-building, but here’s what I really see happening. America has been playing up this big “We’re free!” thing for almost 250 years, but we all know we miss Daddy. We made a mistake running off like that as a kid, lost spinning our wheels ever since. I think this Brexit deal was all part of a master plan for The Donald to do what he does best and get the family back together again!

That’s right! Once the dust settles on Britain’s divorce from the European Union, they’re going to re-adopt America…and make it great again! Soon we’ll all be speaking English in schools (PROPER English), drinking tea (not that green tea crap), and putting an end to overly excessive dental hygiene practices. We’ll be driving on the left side of the road, the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith riding shotgun, waving to Austin Powers as he passes us in his in Jaguar while toting The Queen to morning tea with President Trump!

What?! The British Bulldog is dead? Has been for fourteen years?! Oh my, what a sticky wicket I’ve found myself in. He died of a heart condition? Why do so many professional wrestlers die of heart conditions? Anyway, that changes everything. Bring on eight more years of America’s favorite reality TV family, The Clintons! If Hilary does get elected, that will be a show someday; write it down! And you thought The Osbournes had good ratings.

The Osbournes Logo

The more I keep reading about the vagus nerve and improving “vagal tone,” the more I realize that it may be a huge discovery for the health and wellness field. It’s basically the key to taming the nervous system and getting that sympathetic/parasympathetic balance right. And one of the best parts of all, the most effective ways to tone the vagus nerve are things like sunlight, meditation, cold thermogenesis, and…wait for it…LAUGHTER! No wonder comedy feels so good. I think I’ll have to write another full-length post on this subject in the near future.

I try to come up with a variety of responses to the daily question of “How’s it goin’?” just to keep the monotony to a minimum. And the response that, by far, gets the most interesting reactions from those I say it to is “solid.” It’s a term we used quite frequently amongst friends in college, but apparently it was a local and/or generational thing. Now when I use “solid” at work, I get reactions ranging from “Huh?” to “Ha!” to bursts of unexpected laughter and a follow-up of “What the heck does that mean!?” Then some days, like today, I get uncomfortable, awkward silence…perhaps the dual urinal in the men’s room was one place I shouldn’t have used it.

Last time I was recording my random better thoughts, I was keeping myself busy while ZZ Top worked on installing my new AC (not DC) unit here at the house. This time around, a construction crew is tearing up my street. Yeah, I have to take detours almost everywhere now until November…best case scenario…if all goes to plan.

Anyway, seems there’s always a project going on during random thought days. I called ZZ Top to see if they wanted to come over and hang, but they too gave me an awkward silence response and hung up on me. I guess we weren’t really friends after all; they were just in it for the money. Oh, and instead of watching a fly dying in my trash, I’m contemplating knocking down the bloody wasp nests on my deck. So much parallelism…

Learning about and researching the role DHA plays as an energy transducer in our cells (light -> electrons -> light again) has really helped me gain a fuller appreciation for how the transducer on the depth finder in our boat works. I’ll be using that here in two days. #crosstraining

I think I look like Steve Jobs when I get my hair cut this short:

Me and Steve Jobs

Maybe with less hair and a more downwardly pointy nose. Also less nostril flaring. Definitely less nostril flaring.

I think that about taps out the random better thoughts for now. Time to get finished packing. Feel free to leave comments below, good, bad, or indifferent. Or leave some random thoughts of your own. It’s not healthy to keep things bottled up, you know. It’s also not healthy to hoard things, so please remember to share. And get your pet spayed and neutered. Sorry…spayed OR neutered.

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