Monthly Archives: March 2016

My Open Letter of Apology to Alanis Morissette

By | March 22, 2016

My Dear Alanis, You don’t know me, but we should talk. Actually, for starters, I need to talk, and you can listen. I had my world upended in a moment’s notice yesterday, and all I can think about is how sorry I am…sorry for all I have done to you. What sorts of transgressions could… Read More »

Better Balance: The Economics of Personal Resources

By | March 19, 2016

There is no shortage of stimulation at present. If you want to be engaged and entertained by someone or something, it’s all available to you in about any way you want it. No one is forced to deal with quiet or boredom anymore (or some might say “has the privilege of” quiet or boredom anymore).… Read More »

Why Awkward Feels So…Awkward

By | March 17, 2016

Remember that time you told your buddy how hot a girl was only to turn around and find her standing right behind you? Remember when you amputated the wrong leg on that guy and then hospitals made it a thing to have the patient use a marker to write on the leg that’s supposed to… Read More »

My Homework (And You’re the Teacher!)

By | March 13, 2016

I was always a diligent student, and I do really well with assignments. I’m curious as to what post ideas you would find interesting, funny, helpful, etc., since you’re reading them, not me. And they can be almost anything, really, but don’t be surprised if they come off at a slightly different angle than anticipated.… Read More »

My Schizophrenic Mind (And How It Might Help You Be Your Best Self)

By | March 11, 2016

A number of years ago, back when I was in my early twenties and starting my second “real world” job, I had the distinct pleasure of taking a personality profile test. Well, all of us in the company had this distinct pleasure actually; it was more like mandatory pleasure, which somewhat defeats the concept of… Read More »

What’s Going on in Puerto Rico?

By | March 11, 2016

I recently made my third trip to Puerto Rico, and it was no less amazing than the first two. The weather is still perfect, the food is still second to none, and the natural beauty of the place is so stunning that you come home with pinch marks everywhere from verifying over and over again… Read More »

Little Tank of Horrors – The Bobbit Worm

By | March 11, 2016

The other day I was informed of the existence of a creature almost horrifying enough to have its own Broadway musical turned Hollywood movie, but not quite (Little Shop of Horrors reference there). It wouldn’t star Rick Moranis, but maybe Matt LeBlanc, Joey from Friends, since he’s probably still struggling to find good work and may bite… Read More »